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I'm a budding biologist and aspiring entrepreneur. I've wanted to cure aging since I was eight. Now, with support from Peter Thiel's 20 Under 20 program, I'll be in Silicon Valley for the next two years developing ways to commercialize anti-aging research and extend the human healthspan. We'll see where this adventure takes me, but I'll try to chronicle the journey on this blog, What a Wonderful World. It'll be a mix of real-life updates and vignettes about the wonders of science. Shoot me an email at ldeming[dot]www[at]gmail.com

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a Wonderful World: Intro

Welcome to a WWW (What a Wonderful World),

My name is Laura. I’m a budding biologist; I grew up working in a biology lab, and can’t imagine a better place to be.   

I’ll be in the California for the next two years, working, blogging, and learning in Silcon Valley. I’ll post more about my projects later, but for now all you need to know is that I’m interested in the financial side of science. I’d like to find better ways to fund the science projects that save lives.

This blog will be part science, part journal, and part experimental writing. It will evolve with time – but I’ll keep it entertaining. Thanks for visiting WWW. Hope you leave, just a bit more in love with the wonderful, infinite, jumble of rules and models we call ‘science’.

- Laura


  1. "I’d like to find better ways to fund the science projects that save lives."
    there are people who do precisely that Laura.
    see: http://www.technologyreview.com/computing/25604/

  2. Yup - the Sloan school is doing interesting work in the 'Science of Science' space. I'll be focusing more on the anti-aging science. What are the most-developed areas of biogerontology?

  3. no idea, but check these folks:

  4. hey Laura,

    maybe you can try the SENS foundation too. www.sens.org. you worked at a bio lab since you were twelve? man, how did you get to do that? just extremely curious. our school won't even let us touch the microscope too much when we were twelve.


  5. :...I've wanted to cure aging since I was eight..." What happened to you at eight that led you to this path?

  6. Hey Laura! I watched a video of you on youtube. Very moving! I'm really fascinated by your work and wished that just more people were...
    How do you think public opinion could find more interest in what obviously is also a fascinating subject for any of us human beings?
    Longer it's gonna take for people to embrace the idea of biological immortality as a not only feasible thing but also a positive one and longer it's gonna take for it to actually happen, isn't it?
    Don't you thing that humans are programming their own death at a specific age by not doing anything against it when so much could actually be done if they just believed in it?
    And do you think that it has more to do with their disbelief in biotech advances or that it's just too much of a step to take "imagining" that our generation could be the first after million of years to put and store biological death and ageing as a mere historical fact (after potential years of studies obviously)?

    my blog and last post is a little extreme on the subject but check it out if you have a minute to spare: http://geekka.blogspot.kr/ and http://souleon.blogspot.kr/
    All the best and have a great day and a long life and I'll be following your wonderful carrier closely, I'm even a little jealous to be honest haha...